Hello, I’m Grant Emsley. If you want to contact me, my email address is my first name@my last name.ca

I work as a network administrator, managing servers, desktop deployment, online services, etc.

I have lots of experience with:

  • Hyper-V virtualization and clusters
  • System Center Configuration Manager (for imaging and maintaining desktops)
  • Windows server management
  • Linux servers (particularly Ubuntu, but I can manage most other distros with a little googling)
  • Powershell scripting
  • Automating boring and complex tasks with scripts and powershell GUIs
  • Exchange server
  • Watchguard and PFsense firewalls
  • Networking, VLANs, routing, etc.

In my spare time I:

  • Play with my 3D printer
  • Design things in Fusion 360 and OpenSCAD for 3D printing
  • Built a CNC milling and laser etching machine